Climatology of precipitation and clouds over GOLF_MEXICO

General info
System properties
Seasonal variation
Diurnal variation
Vertical Structure
Extreme events
  • Topography and population

  • GOLF_MEXICO has a mean elevation of 0 meter and 98 % of the area is covered with water. Within GOLF_MEXICO, total human population is about 2743596. The geographical distributions of human population and topograph are shown below:

  • Precipitation and cloud

  • In GOLF_MEXICO, mean annual precipitation is 900.83 (mm/year). Mean volume fraction of high level (10-14 km) cloud is about 6.2%. Mean volume fraction of mid level (5-10 km) cloud is about 7.9%. Mean volume fraction of low level (1-5 km) cloud is about 6.5%. Click the links on the left to see the details of the precipitation and cloud systems.

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