Climatology of precipitation and clouds over BOLIVIA

General info
System properties
Seasonal variation
Diurnal variation
Vertical Structure
Extreme events
  • Precipitation seasonal variation

  • Over BOLIVIA , mean annual precipitation are estimated with 961.2 (mm/year) from TRMM precipitation radar. (distribution of precipitation see here )

    Total surface rainfall is brought by various precipitation systems. The seasonal variation of precipitation from systems with different sizes and heights are shown below:

    In total, thunderstorms (systems with detected lightning flashes) contribute 61 %, MCSs (Mesoscale convective systems with raining area > 2000 km^2) contribute 73 % of all precipitation. Seasonal variations of fraction of precipitation from thunderstorms and MCSs are shown below:

  • Cloud seasonal variation

  • The seasonal variation of geographical distribution of CloudSat cloud fraction over BOLIVIA is shown below:

    The seasonal variation of mean CloudSat level cloud fraction at different altitudes over BOLIVIA is shown below:

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